HIV/AIDS prevention and management: GlobeMed and CSSD

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HIV/AIDS prevention and management: GlobeMed and CSSD




What is your idea to link your passion to travel with a purpose?


Through fundraising and advocacy, the Rutgers GlobeMed chapter works closely with the Cooperation for Social Services and Development in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, to help the population most affected by HIV/AIDS to provide and/or facilitate outreach education sessions and information on HIV/AIDS and related social and health issues. CSSD’s goals are to improve health and job security among vulnerable populations and to increase the capacity for human resources and organization. The students stay in touch with CSSD through weekly Skype calls, regular e-mails, and an annual summer internship, Grassroots On-Site Work (GROW,) at the non-profit site. During the GROW internship, lasting five to eight weeks, a group of five students travels to meet their partner directly. Students make presentations to teach skills such as grant-writing and English. The partner allows students to participate in operations, such as support groups, and teaches the students how grass-roots and non-profit work is done in Cambodia. Both parties share cultural, intellectual, and emotional knowledge. Students also engage their partner country by participating visiting different non-profit and cultural sites. Because the students are familiar with the staff at the partner site and because the university-nonprofit relationship has existed for over a year, the partnership can explore and innovate CSSD's impact and reach in meaningful and extensive ways.

How does your idea create a positive impact on local communities?

Through GlobeMed's approach and the GROW internship, organizations gain a greater capacity to serve their community and a generation of young people are equipped to transform the world. The Rutgers and CSSD project will serve as an outreach program that will reduce the risk of HIV/AIDS infection among entertainment workers by promoting safe sexual practices. By being physically present and working directly with CSSD and the affected population in Phnom Penh, GlobeMed members gain valuable experience in grass-roots and non-profit work while CSSD will learn important managerial and operational skills. Both partners will gain a deeper understanding of global citizenship and solidarity.

Where will your project idea take place?


Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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