Travel With A Purpose- Giving and Sharing CLOWN trips to Cabo Mexico

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What is your idea to link your passion to travel with a purpose?


To continue to lead purposeful travel groups to Cabo, Mexico as CLOWNS...giving and sharing love, serving in poor communities, orphanages, hospital...participating in the many projects I've already begun in Cabo: Shoes for Kids, Spanish Books for Kids, Partnering to Build Kitchens in very poor communities (running water and electricity), Creating small businesses: Projects made BY the children, teens and adults in the community providing funds to that neighborhood

How does your idea create a positive impact on local communities?

Connecting Americans with another culture in a fun, safe, way
Connecting with Mexicans in hopes of future small business
Computers and Books for Kids: Enhancing educational opportunites for the future...giving children a chance to succeed and rise out of poverty
Beginning sustainable small businesses. Creating products produced BY the local children, teens, and adults

Where will your project idea take place?


It already is underway in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

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I won't say my week with Steve in Cabo changed my life but it certainly enriched it and provided lifetime memories. I played games with children and prisoners and danced with ladies my mother's age. I will always remember the looks of joy on every one of their faces. I am saving up right now to be able to go again someday soon.

by tim.rowan32
over 3 years ago | Reply

I live in Cabo San Lucas & have witnessed first hand that Steve Shapiro and "Travel with a Purpose" has accomplished here in Mexico. It is a wonderful experience for the participants, but more importantly, the impact on the Mexican community is outstanding!

by mary.parker.96155
over 3 years ago | Reply

Just received word that Spanish books can be purchased for ONLY $1.00-$2.00. My number one passion is now the desire to continue SPANISH LIBRARIES in poor villages that have virtually NO books. Education and a future begin with BOOKS! Lifting people out of poverty begins with BOOKS! Travel With A Purpose brings groups to Cabo Mexico to experience giving and sharing....and NOW delivering BOOKS! Future goals: To continue to install COMPUTERS and INTERNET....imagine what educational opportunities can be accomplished! The first computer lab in a barrio daycare center was begun last year! Kids are learning like never before

by The Travel Connection
over 3 years ago | Reply

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